QXC / 2018

QX Capital

The new phase - and face - of a billion Dollar company.


After rebranding, merging with new partners and reaching new markets in Toronto, New York and California, QX Capital needed a new image, fast.

Confidence and trust was the primary focus of the new site, an important element of any successful real estate investment firm, crucial for a company with over a billion dollars in assets.

The challenge was to design, build, write and publish their new online presence in under 6 days.

Concept wireframe

90% of our projects start with pen and pencil wireframes.

Concept wireframe
First round of mockups

First round of mockups

Original mockup idea presented to the client.

Approved mockup

After some minor color changes, the mockup was approved.

Approved mockup

scope & timeline

Day 1


We start by setting up the client’s project manager and then gather materials, instructions and concept exploration.


As with most expedited delivery jobs, the first round of mockups were ready in just 24 hours.


Prototype, theme and structure were completed in 48 hours. Thanks to our hand-coded, never from prefabs development, virtually no feedback or changes were made at each revision.


We used Bootstrap 4 for mobile friendly features. All UX and UI was done at the same time.


We wrote the copy from the material provided by the client and then polished it to get the message across, fast, all in under 24 hours.


We deployed and published the new site to a courtesy provision so we could go live in less than 2 hours.

day 6


Custom CMS

Simplicity to manage content with custom CMS and custom post types in WordPress.

Custom Portfolio

The client is now able to add properties and their details with a simple to use portfolio CMS.

Custom Portfolio

Ultra-fast loading speeds

Even with the heavy use of full-screen images and video, the average page loading speed remained around 2 seconds average.

2.3 seconds

Average WP sites
7.6 seconds

0 2 4 6 8

Page loading in seconds


"Fantastic work"

Thank you for delivering an excellent job in such a short time.

Aaron M. CEO
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